Bernard          A Collection of Solid Wood Articles made from Exquisitely Figured

   Schimmel                     Sugar Maple, Spalted Maple, Oak, Walnut and Cherry


Sterling Accent Table

Black Walnut

(Botanical name - Juglans nigra)

25/19"  Dia. x 19" High     Black  Metal Legs      # 80210


This particular table is actually part of a branch of an 

exceptionally old tree that grew to maturity.


Because this part of the tree (this table) was at least 30 feet

 in the air during the last number of years, 

very few deformations occurred.


Consistent growing conditions and plenty of light from all directions resulted in evenly spaced growth rings.


The centre was cut out to allow for natural wood shrinkage

 to occur with smoked glass inserted to show some 

beautiful grain patterns.



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