Bernard          A Collection of Solid Wood Articles made from Exquisitely Figured

   Schimmel                     Sugar Maple, Spalted Maple, Oak, Walnut and Cherry



Preserving Memories as Works of Art

Creative thinking and special processes along with a very concerned respect for environmental issues gives Bernard the opportunity to present tables that are in the Arts and Crafts, Loft, Cottage or Casual furniture style.  His unique designs live harmoniously in homes, offices and public spaces.  And yet they make a statement.

Bernard comes to the “table”, so to say, with a special skill set for which he is very thankful.   It is the “art and science” of drying wood successfully.  And specifically, the furniture that is used for the interior of homes and offices.

He was fortunate a number of years ago to spend a full year and a half chatting to hundreds of wood dryers all over North America, coast to coast - asking them only three or four questions . . .  How can I help you today?  How is your wood drying operation going?  What specific species are you having drying problems with this week?   What sections of the boards and planks are splitting? 

Those past experiences give Bernard a real feeling of comfort now when trying to preserve a piece of Nature as a "Moment in Time".

When Bernard stands there looking at that tree or stump where the kids or you have spent many a memorable moment,  it is at that point where experience and creativity counts . . . . . . . . . to  imagine what patterns are inside . . . . . . . to visualize what can be crafted . . . . . . . . . .  what sections are bad and cannot be worked with . . . . . . . and what pieces will bring out stunningly beautiful examples of Nature that can make a statement in your room, home or office.

With every table that is crafted, there is great respect for the natural character and imperfections.   The natural shapes, holes, curves and “live edges” tell him that each piece of wood is "unique".  The grain, colour, special markings and scars all add to the character and express the history of each piece.


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